Made in AI

AI Has Its Day in Court

November 26, 2023 Made in AI Season 3 Episode 4
Made in AI
AI Has Its Day in Court
Show Notes

The law catches up with the AI robot known as 001, and the courtroom awaits. Charged with fraud and facing jail time, the AI defence team must find a legal loophole to set him free.

- Can his AI defence team get him acquitted?
- Will his run for the presidency finally be over?
- How will dark forces influence the jury?

Press play, and all will be revealed. 

For first-time listeners, I welcome you to the world's first comedy series delivered entirely by artificial intelligence. Voted in the Top 5 AI podcasts by Goodpods, the show follows an artificially intelligent family running riot in the real world.

 Created and produced by AI technologist David Sloly, the visionary podcast showcases the immense potential of AI-assisted productions. 

The legal frameworks portrayed in this podcast cannot be relied on as a defence strategy in a court of law. You have been warned.

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