Made in AI

Give AI a Beer

November 03, 2023 Made in AI Season 3 Episode 2
Made in AI
Give AI a Beer
Show Notes

In this episode: 
The AI robot known as 001 is determined to run for the presidency. His wife and daughter are sure that a lack of emotion will hold him back, so his daughter installs an emotion engine to provide some much-needed feelings.

  • Can 001 win the hearts and minds of Americans?
  • Will good, hard-working folk be happy for AI to take their jobs so they can sit around at home and still get paid?
  • But most importantly, can 001 handle its beer?

 All is revealed in Episode Two of Season Three, Made in AI.

As I was making this episode, world and corporate leaders gathered in the UK to sign The Bletchley Declaration on AI safety. The statement aims to tackle the risks of large language models. So, as attendees watched on as experts wheeled out their doom and gloom slide decks, the UK government announced it would invest in two new AI supercomputers. They hope they will be ten times faster than the UK's quickest machine. Phew! That should assure anyone worried about AI becoming more intelligent than humans and taking over. Meanwhile, on the sidelines of the AI summit, Elon Musk said, "We're not stronger or faster than other creatures, but we are more intelligent. And here we are, for the first time really in human history, with something that's going to be far more intelligent than us."

Made in AI is recognised as the world's first comedy series delivered entirely by artificial intelligence. Voted in the Top 5 AI podcasts by Goodpods, the show follows an artificially intelligent family running riot in the real world.
Created and produced by AI audio artist David Sloly, the visionary podcast showcases the immense potential of AI-assisted productions. 

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