Made in AI

How to Rob a Bank Using AI

August 14, 2023 David Sloly Season 2 Episode 2
Made in AI
How to Rob a Bank Using AI
Show Notes

Our AI family are broke, up to their eyes in debt and about to be evicted.

And so the shenanigans begin as their plan unfolds to steal their way out of debt, only this time, they overreach and put the global economy at risk.

"Artificial intelligence is one of the best tools we've seen come along to reshape our society. And it's also one of the best tools ever for a fraudster. Artificial intelligence can actually create the person you want to create ."
Former Bank of America & FBI Special Agent

Get your healthy dose of satirical madness as an AI family tries to navigate a strange human world.

Created, written and produced by David Sloly and voiced by machines. 

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Made in AI is created and written by David Sloly with help from various AI assistants. The show is performed entirely by AI, and no actors' jobs were put at risk during the making of this hobbyist show.