Made in AI

Margaret Atwood Cracks her Knuckles

August 06, 2023 David Sloly Season 2 Episode 1
Made in AI
Margaret Atwood Cracks her Knuckles
Show Notes

The unreal, surreal, satirical sitcom is back!

The story so far... 
With AI banned for trying to kill all humans, our favourite artificial family need to hide from the authorities and make some money to pay the bills. What could possibly go wrong?
How about Maiden trying to write for TV while the writer's strike is in full swing? The family soon fall foul to angry writers, and Zero Zero One is forced to arm wrestle Margaret Atwood to avoid being reported to the police. 

Guest starring machines that sounds like Elon Musk, Larry David,  Jimmy Fallon and Margret Atwood.
Made in Ai was created, written and produced by David Sloly and voiced by Artificial Intelligence. 

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