Made in AI

Bad AI

May 05, 2023 David Sloly Season 1 Episode 9
Made in AI
Bad AI
Show Notes

In this episode, bad AI gets probed in Roswell, HR intervenes during an interrogation, and the military has a good grind on 001's arm.

Another action-packed sci-fi sitcom performed by a cast of artificially generated idiots.

Made in Ai was created by David Sloly and written, produced and presented using AI.

"Nothing gives more of a laugh than listening to the military carry out an interrogation on artificially generated idiots."

Production notes:
The Dubstep track at the end was created using Reason 12, and the voice audio was processed through various filters, including 'The Echo' by Reason. 
The spaceship-in-flight effect is from a Porsche Taycan's 'fake' electric acceleration sound. 

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