Made in AI

Operation Annihilation

April 14, 2023 Season 1 Episode 6
Made in AI
Operation Annihilation
Show Notes

In this episode:

  • Elon Musk uses his Aspergers to invent a way to mitigate embarrassing parents
  • Joe Biden is caught short on a comfort break during a crisis
  • Bear Grylls describes a family holiday spent inside a dead camel

Join our AI family as they attempt to kill all humans and save the planet. Only one thing stands in the way, their own stupid, humanlike AI biases. 

Welcome to Made in AI, the show that puts the AI into entertAInment.  An action-packed comedy performed by a cast of artificially generated idiots. Created by David Sloly and written, produced and presented using AI.

Production note for episode 6 - in case you're interested.
This week's episode includes a deep fake based on the voice of 1960s English comedian Terry Thomas. AI deep fake voice technology can't tell the difference between the voice being cloned and background sounds. As you can imagine, finding a noise-free sample of Terry Thomas was near impossible, so I chose an interview recorded at his Ibiza home (an island dear to my heart). Listen carefully, and you can hear the birds chirping away merrily in the background as he speaks.

David Sloly 

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