Made in AI

A Mexican Standoff

April 07, 2023 David Sloly Season 1 Episode 5
Made in AI
A Mexican Standoff
Show Notes

A dead man marries an artificial wife, Joe Biden gets all presidential, and someone drinks the jacuzzi water. 

The story so far. Artificial intelligence wants to save the planet, and the only logical way to achieve it is to kill all humans. But AI, created by humans, is hampered by its own human biases. Join a ridiculous cast of AI misfits as they blunder through a mission to take over the world.

Hit play and enter the dark satirical world of award-winning audio producer David Sloly. 

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Production note. For those that give a hoot, I introduced new software for this episode that enabled deep fake and the creation of more natural-sounding voices for some of the actors.

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